Using pork knuckles, spices, bell pepper, onion, lime and chicken stock, for 24 hours Mark cooked down the ingredients and the bones until the meat dissolved and everything simmered together to create a rich, amazing pork broth.  Then he strained it and we put aside the delicious meat and now had an amazing broth for our noodles

Next he prepared fresh noodles from the local asian market as well as the pork from the bones and he fried up bulgogi pork and added that to the broth
Once everything was ready to assemble, including hot, medium-boiled eggs, he put it all together -first in the bowl was the egg; then the chopped green onion; then corn he had roasted the day before with bell pepper and jalepeno;  then very thinly sliced cabbage, and lastly,  the broth with the bulgogi pork.  The noodles were left SEPARATE for dipping so those hot noodles went right on the table to share and dip in the broth.  And, of course, a fine Sake - in this case, TOZAI LIVING JEWEL-Junmai, from Kyoto


Even though this is simple, Mark makes it taste chef-worthy with ingredients like sun dried tomatoes, sauteed veggies, garlic, spices, jalepeno, fresh tomatoes, homemade bolognese sauce, fresh goat cheese, sliced australian chedder...all on a tortilla at 350 for about 15 mins or until crispy.  Easy, fun and YUM!

Keep a jar of Spicy O's in the frig and almost ANYTHING you cook will taste better, even if it's toast with butter, Vegemite and cheese.  Super great on everything--sweet, tangy and a bit of spice